Honors College

Schedule of Classes

Here are the Honors Courses available for Fall 2013 in a Microsoft Excel document.

  • Fall 2013 Schedule of Classes

Click here for more information on registering for the Fall 2013 semester.

For reference, here is the Spring 2013 list:

Here are the registration instructions.  Please note that there are some changes.

To register for classes, navigate to the Academics tab in my.missouristate.edu, find the Registration Tools box and click Add and Drop Classes.

Remember, the Honors College can neither register you for classes nor change your schedule.  You are able to do this for yourself online.  If you are an honors athlete, you must register with the Achievement Center for Intercollegiate  Athletes. 

Prerequisites will be enforced at the time of registration.  If you are currently enrolled in a prerequisite for a course, you will be allowed to register for the subsequent course.

You must clear all holds (library, parking, transcripts, etc.) prior to registration. They cannot be overridden.

If you have completed fewer than 75 hours, you will need to be cleared by your advisor before you will be allowed to register. Make an appointment with your advisor several weeks before registration to ensure that you are able to meet before your designated registration day. Remember, current hours are not included in the calculation of hours completed. 

All registration times begin at 7 a.m. 

If you have not completed general honors, you should plan to enroll in an least one honors class each semester.  If you need to postpone your honors classes for a semester, you will need to fill out a Requirements Delay Request form and bring it into the Honors College office.  If your request is accepted, you will still have to meet the same Honors College requirements.