Honors College

Honors Advising

All undecided Honors students receive specialized advisement from the Honors College.  Scott Handley is the full-time advisor and is always willing to help any student.  The Honors College has a graduate assistant who has been through Master Advisor training and takes on advisement appointments as well. 

Once students have declared a major, they are assigned primary advisors in the department of their major.  The primary advisors are usually Honors professors unless the department has their own advisement center.  Visiting the Honors College office can still be helpful in fulfilling any other Honors needs. 

Students with less than 75 hours should visit their advisor at least once per semester for registration clearance.  We suggest to continue to see your advisor until you graduate to ensure everything is on track.

For students having trouble deciding a major, please visit this helpful tips page provided by the University's Academic Advisement Center.

For students needing to find a professor or advisor to talk to in a particular department, please visit this helpful referral guide provided by the University's Academic Advisement Center.