Honors College

QINGDAO "Slideshow"

  • Beach
  • Beach
  • Castle
  • Jim holding crab
  • Laura and Rachel with hair stylist
  • laura in front of fountain
  • looking for a dinner spot
  • qingdao daxue campus fountain
  • rachel and language partners
  • shrimp in hot pot
  • statue of confucious
  • umbrellas in hallway
  • wedding area
  • eating from hot pot
  • We finally made it to the beach on Thursday afternoon
  • I like this picture, even though it turned out blurry
  • The castle-like building you can see from the beach and you can tour it, but we did not that day
  • Jim holding the tiny crab the 'life guards' gave us, but they seemed more like professional fishermen
  • Laura and Me with the stylist who cut our hair this past Tuesday evening! So cool!
  • Laura in front of the fountain
  • A pretty road - we were looking for a good place to have dinner
  • A view of campus. Qingdao DaXue. This is the fountain in the front of campus, but is rarely ever turned on, so I took pictures on our way to class
  • Me with all of my language partners I received on Wednesday night
  • Here I am holding up one of the shrimp that we put in the hot pot live! Now it has been fully boiled and was very, very, very, very tasty
  • The statue of Confucius near the building I have class in
  • All of the umbrellas that were in the hallway this morning when I came to class. It rained today! (Friday the 11th)
  • Laura and I 'getting married'. Zhengpeng took us shopping in the local shopping district and when we got off the bus we were in the wedding area of the district
  • This is picture of us eating hot pot on Saturday night in the middle of our time shopping. It was so so good, and I will not go into detail here, but look for more in my next update! :) It is Zhengpeng, Laura, and I

Friday, September 11, 2009

This weekend we are going to a music festival across the bay, so I will not even have my computer with me!  I will try to get you an update soon, but it doesn’t look like until the middle of next week.