Honors College

Accelerated Masters Programs

The Accelerated Master’s degree option provides a transition that enables outstanding Missouri State University undergraduate students to begin taking graduate course work in their junior or senior year and thus combine components of the undergraduate and graduate curriculum.  Students must apply and be admitted to the accelerated master’s program by the department and the Graduate College before enrolling for any courses to apply to the graduate degree.

Graduate programs at Missouri State University offering an accelerated opt/ion are listed:

 - Master of Accountancy
 - Master of Arts in Religious Studies
 - Master of Communication
 - Master of Business Administration
 - Master of Geospatial Sciences in Geography and Geology
 - Master of Natural and Applied Science
 - Master of Plant Science
 - Master of Project Management
 - Master of Public Administration
 - Master of Science, Biology
 - Master of Science, Cell and Molecular Biology
 - Master of Science, Chemistry
 - Master of Science, Materials Science
 - Master of Science, Mathematics
 - Master of Science in Nursing
 - Master of Theatre

Depending on the program, a maximum of 12 hours of graduate credits will apply toward completion of the undergraduate degree requirements. Students accepted into an accelerated program must complete a “Mixed Credit” form and submit it to a registration center at the time of registration. This form can be obtained from the student’s department or the Graduate College, 306 Carrington Hall.

Under the Accelerated Master’s degree option, a student will be fully admitted to the Graduate College upon completion of the baccalaureate degree. Undergraduate students interested in the Accelerated Master’s opportunity should contact their department or the Graduate College (417-836-5335) to determine admission requirements and procedures.

Please refer to the Graduate Catalog for specific program details.