Honors College

Honors College Awards Outstanding Faculty and Staff

In addition to recognizing outstanding student achievements, the Honors College recognizes outstanding faculty and staff for their contribution to the university through teaching, research, and service.

Curtis P. Lawrence Master Teacher Award

Dr. Carol F.  Shoptaugh, Professor of Psychology, is the recipient of this year’s Master Teacher Award. Nominated by Honors College students and chosen by a committee of Honors College students and administrative staff, the Curtis P. Lawrence Master Teacher Award recognizes excellence in teaching and mentoring.

One of the reasons I am so honored to receive this award is I worked with Curt Lawrence when he lead the Honors College.  I know how passionate he was about the quality of education students in the honors program received, and I have always tried to exceed his expectations and standards.  I truly am humbled to be a recipient of this award and hope I can live up to what it represents.

Dr. Carol Shoptaugh

Director’s Award for Outstanding Faculty Research

Dr. Erin M. Buchanan, Associate Professor of Psychology, and Dr. Dennis V. Hickey, Distinguished Professor of Political Science, were the recipients of this year’s Director’s Award for Outstanding Faculty Research. This award recognizes faculty researchers who have not only made a significant contribution to their field, but also to the development of education in the Honors College.

Research is an ongoing learning experience for the researcher (trying to figure out what is going to/happened in the study, why something didn't work out, exploring data, etc.) and for the students involved. I use the lab to help teach the graduate students how to supervise and run their own projects, and undergraduate students get to learn about the research process from ideas to final publication status. That sort of learning is a harder thing to quantify; it's about being passionate about what you do and getting other people excited about that area as well.

Dr. Erin Buchanan

Marcia Morriset Award for Outstanding Service to Honors Education

Dr. Larry L. George, Professor Emeritus of German Language and Literature, and Mr. Sean W. Kliethermes, Assistant Director of Admissions – Information Services, received this year’s Marcia Morriset Award for Outstanding Service to Honors Education. This award recognizes Honors College faculty and staff for their excellence in service and undergraduate mentorship and advising.