Honors College

Honors College Student Production of LOGOS

In addition to the diverse classes and projects Honors College students can get involved in, there is also LOGOS: An Undergraduate Journal. This journal is not only comprised of undergraduate art, research, and stories, but it is also produced by Honors College students. These students fill roles at every level of the journal’s production:

LOGOS 2013Peer Reviewer – Peer reviewers read submissions related to their majors and decide if the piece is a good fit for the journal.

Associate Editors – Associate editors also read submissions to LOGOS. After a submission is accepted, associate editors go back through the submission to check for grammar and accuracy, as well as to make comments and suggestions for revision.

Copy Editor – One student serves as copy editor through a summer internship. The copy editor edits each submission and creates the journal’s layout.

Chief Editor – One student serves as chief editor, overseeing the peer reviewers and associate editors, as well as working with a faculty advisory board.

Faculty members also serve important roles in the production process. Each accepted submission is reviewed by a faculty member whose field is related to the topic to check for quality. Also a faculty advisory board, consisting of faculty volunteers, helps guide students through the production process.

Lydia Welker, Professional Writing major and current Chief Editor, had this to say:

“I have personally been involved in every aspect of LOGOS. In the past, I have worked as a Peer Reviewer, Associate Editor, and Copy Editor. I am currently serving as Chief Editor, and in my position, I oversee all the Peer Reviewers and Associate Editors. I love working with LOGOS—it is a great resource for students and a chance for undergraduates to get published in a peer-reviewed journal.”

With the release of Volume 6 in November of 2013, there are now over 2,000 copies of LOGOS in public circulation. LOGOS is published annually by the Honors College and is distributed free of charge on campus and online. The journal was created with the vision of serving as a hands-on experience for students to learn about the publication process and to highlight and support undergraduate research initiatives.

If you would like to submit to LOGOS, please take a look at the submission guidelines. If you are interested in becoming a reviewer or editor, please review the roles of the positions and submit an application.