Honors College

Dr. Joshua J. Smith Awarded Curtis P. Lawrence Excellence in Advising Award

Dr. Joshua Smith, Assistant Professor in the Biomedical Sciences Department, has been awarded the Curtis P. Lawrence Excellence in Advising Award for 2014. Dr. Smith was nominated by his student advisees for this award because of his knowledge and dedication to helping students navigate their academic programs. The award includes a $1,500 cash award and recognition at the reception honoring Master Advisors.

The Lawrence Excellence in Advising Award is awarded annually to one faculty member nominated by the student body and selected by a committee of students, faculty members, and full-time academic advisors. The criteria for selection include:

  1. Knowledge of campus information and resources and use of that knowledge in helping students.
  2. Knowledge of major and career-related information and academic policies and use of that knowledge in assisting students.
  3. Demonstration of advising as a priority activity.
  4. Use of innovative advising techniques and/or development of advising materials or systems.
  5. Effective documentation of advising sessions through “Advising Notes.”
  6. Reasonable accessibility to advisees and effective use of available time with advisees.
  7. Efforts to create positive relationships with students.
  8. Support of advisor training and development programs and efforts to improve advising services at Missouri State University.

Scott Handley, Assistant Director of the Honors College, shared his thoughts on Dr. Smith:

“One of the things that I admire about Dr. Smith is that his knowledge and enthusiasm for advising is not limited to his home department. He encourages his students to pursue a broad range of interests and makes the effort to learn about Music, Finance, Spanish, and other fields that his students may wish to explore. Some advisors punt all questions about second majors and minors to other departments; Dr. Smith takes the time to learn about these programs and to offer his students comprehensive academic advice. This holistic approach to advising is greatly appreciated by students and helps them to maximize their experience at this university, rather than simply check boxes on a degree worksheet.”

Dr. Smith teaches biomedical sciences introduction courses and pharmacology and recombinant DNA techniques. He also serves as the faculty advisor for the Pre-Pharmacy Society. His research is focused on DNA repair, in the micro- and macronucleus, to gain a better understanding of the role of protein modifications related to genomic instability and cancer.

Dr. Smith is scheduled to teach both BMS 110 Intro to Biomedical Sciences-HONR and UHC 110 Freshman Honors Seminar in Fall 2014. He also received the Curtis P. Lawrence Master Teacher Award from the Honors College in 2012.