Honors College

Honors College Students Recognized as Women of Distinction

The Honors College is proud to have Elizabeth Haughey and Debra Horn recognized with 2014 Woman Student of Distinction Awards. Sponsored by the Missouri State University Gender Studies Program, each year faculty and staff nominate female undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of programs who have not only excelled academically, but have also served as leaders in service to the community and to other women.

Elizabeth Haughey, who is triple majoring in Latin American Studies, Anthropology, and Spanish, has been involved with the Lutheran Student Center, Campus Crusade for Christ, The Vine, and Anthropology Club on campus. While abroad in Guatemala, she became (and continues to be) involved with a women’s textile cooperative, Asociación Mayab’ Ixoqi’, which works to promote women’s rights and preserve and promote cultural and religious traditions in San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala. Elizabeth was nominated for the award by Dr. John Chuchiak, Director of the Honors College.

“To me, being a woman of distinction means being recognized for being different. I have been blessed with unique opportunities in my life to better myself as a person and as a scholar, and I have been fortunate to be able to put these opportunities to use helping others. Without the support that I have received from my amazing professors here at Missouri State, like Dr. Chuchiak, as well as from my family, I would never have been able to accomplish as much as I have in my life, and for that I am enormously grateful. I am honored to be recognized for my accomplishments, both scholarly and in service, and I hope that with the support of my friends and family I can continue to be ‘distinguished’ in my pursuit to better my life and the lives of others.”

Debra Horn, an Accounting major, is involved with Enactus, TRIO, and Beta Gamma Sigma on campus. She also works within the Springfield community through the Greene County Family Violence Task Force and Violence Free Families Coalition at Community Partnership of the Ozarks. With these programs, Debra helps raise awareness about abuse through public speaking engagements and projects, the latest being funded by Wal-Mart Women’s Economic Empowerment Grant to provide job-search assistance, GED preparation, and other services to survivors of domestic violence. Debra was nominated for the award by Mr. Scott Handley, Assistant Director of the Honors College, and Ms. Rowena Stone, Executive Assistant for the College of Business.

When asked about the importance of this award, co-chair of the Women of Distinction program and Associate Professor of English, Dr. Shannon Wooden said:

“As a society, we know and honor and admire more women—past and present—for more diverse strengths and accomplishments than ever before, and that’s wonderful.  It’s also necessary for girls and boys alike, who everyday learn the scripts of adult femininity and masculinity, to show them lots of great options as they grow, to rechart the old paths so they lead to more satisfying places.  This award, targeting our student population, allows us to not only contribute to this project of developing awareness of women’s contributions but allows us to also thank and congratulate young women who are already walking (or forging) these new paths.”