Honors College

Honors College Distinction Projects

One of the benefits of being a student in the Honors College is the opportunity to graduate with Distinction in the Major by conducting undergraduate research. Students work closely with faculty to develop and implement a research project that not only relates to their major, but also contributes to the knowledge in the field.

Recent distinction projects include,

Jennifer Barnes, Psychology – Conducting a study to understand the concept of body deception, in which people intentionally misrepresent information about their body to others. This study examines the amount of body deception women use when discussing their bodies with someone of the opposite sex. This study has collected over 90 participants thus far.

Justin Conover, Biology – Attempting to find Downy Mildew resistant genes in grapes using molecular markers in order to eventually prevent crop loss across the world by breeding grapes that have these genes. He is working in conjunction with PhD student Daniel Pap at University of California at Davis.

Lauren Davison, Professional Writing – Researching the importance of clarity and plain language in medical writing, specifically patient information. She will be applying this research to revising patient education materials.

Sarah Greenbaum, Dance – Using dance to explore how people portray themselves online as an integral part of the person they are in real life and to assert the importance of personal connections in the real world. You can view a video and photos of the production #EverybodyAllTheTime at http://everybodyallthetime.wordpress.com/.

Lydia Welker, Professional Writing – Exploring the necessity of science writing and drawing a distinction between popular science writing and peer-reviewed science articles.

Since 2009, over 40 students have graduated with Distinction in the Major.