Honors College

Citizen Scholar Award Winners

Annually, six students who have made significant accomplishments while enrolled at Missouri State University are awarded with the Board of Governors Citizen Scholar Award. Preference is given to upper class students who have contributed to the University, advanced the University’s public affairs mission, have been significantly engaged in extra-curricular accomplishments, and/or in significant service activities in the community.

“Public affairs is keeping our eyes, ears and critical thinking skills open and active at all times and being aware of our surroundings and our ability to be an asset to those that need it around us. It is using our skills and time to benefit ourselves and the greater community. It means realizing that we are all just a part of a greater world and that it is our duty to use our limited existence to make a positive impact on the world around us and not to waste the time that we have.”

                Jared Horman

Four Honors College students were selected to receive the Board of Governors Citizen Scholar Award for 2013-2014:

  • Mariah Gregg, Philosophy
  • Jared Horman, Graphic Design
  • Walter Orr, Professional Writing
  • Paige Oxendine, Public Relations & Socio-Political Communication

Citizen Scholars

These students are part of many different organizations around campus. Mariah works with the Philosophy Club and Honors Society. Jared is president of Students in Design, facilitator for the Commerce Bank Emerging Leaders program, creative director for the 2014 AD Team, member of PiKappaPhi Fraternity, and is involved in Student Government and Study Away. Walter is President of Bear Breaks, a Global Ambassador for the Study Away Programs office, and is involved in Student Government. Paige recently graduated, but while she was at Missouri State, she served as Student Body President for the Student Government and was involved in the Fraternity and Sorority Life community.

“I don't feel like I'm some super-student with so many achievements, I feel like I just took advantage of some of the opportunities that have been made available to me here that I was interested in, and my passions and interests grew from there. It's amazing how you can grow so much as a person just by getting involved in one organization that you care about.”

                Walter Orr


The Honors College is proud that seventeen of our students have been recognized as Citizen Scholars since 2009.