Honors College

Program Requirements for Students Entering 2009-2013

General Honors Program (7 courses)

  • UHC 110: Freshman Honors Seminar
  • Five general honors courses in the first five semesters:
    • Four of the five must be general education courses;
    • Students must complete courses in at least four academic disciplines;
    • Courses are offered in as many as twenty academic disciplines*
  • One Public Affairs intensive course:

    • Students may complete any service learning class
    • MSU-sponsored overseas study program
    • Upper-level course that focuses on ethical leadership, community engagement, or cultural competence
    • Maintain a 3.25 institutional grade point average in order to remain in good standing with the Honors College

Departmental Distinction Option (12 credit hours)

  • Students must complete twelve credit hours of honors coursework in their major. Students self-design a program of study that may include honors course components, research courses, and special topics courses appropriate for the major;
  • Students must complete an Honors Distinction Project worth at least three credit hours
  • Students must submit a course proposal and project abstract to the Director of the Honors College for formal approval prior to the beginning of senior year.

*Course lists are published at www.missouristate.edu/honors each semester