Honors College

Honors College by the Numbers

Does an honors education really make a difference for undergraduate students at Missouri State University? Review these statistics and decide for yourself!

2012-2013 Comparative Academic Data

  Missouri State Honors College
Average Class Size 35 students/section 23 students/section
Maximum Class Size 320 students/section 28 students/section
Student: Faculty Ratio 20:1 12:1
Average Student GPA 3.06 3.73
Average Freshman GPA 2.88 3.69
Average Senior Exit Exam Score 452/500  474/500
Graduates with Scholastic Honors (Final GPA of 3.50 or higher) 30% 90%


Other Cool Honors College Statistics

3.83: Avg. GPA of First-Year Presidential Scholars in Spring 2015
3.82: Avg. GPA of Student Athletes in the Honors College in Spring 2015
1.24: Avg. Evaluation Score that Students Assigned to Honors  College Courses in Spring 2015 using a  1-5 Scale (1.00 represents a perfect score)
80: Honors College Faculty Members who have Completed the University’s Nationally Recognized Master Advisor Training Program
39,120: Est. Number of Community-Service Hours Completed by Honors College Scholarship Recipients during the 2014-2015 Academic Year
$6.3 million:    Est. Value of Scholarships Distributed to Honors College Students during the 2013-2014 Academic Year
$0: Charges & Fees Associated with Honors College Membership


 For more information on Honors College performance, see our report card.