Missouri State University

Honors College

Honors College by the Numbers

Does an honors education really make a difference for undergraduate students at Missouri State University? Review these statistics and decide for yourself!

2011-2012 Comparative Academic Data

  Missouri State Honors College
Average Class Size 35 students/section 22 students/section
Maximum Class Size 300 students/section 28 students/section
Student: Faculty Ratio 20:1 12:1
Average Student GPA 3.06 3.72
Average Freshman GPA 2.88 3.64
Average Senior Exit Exam Score 451/500  472/500
Graduates with Scholastic Honors (Final GPA of 3.50 or higher) 29% 90%


Other Cool Honors College Statistics

3.92 Avg. GPA of First-Year Presidential Scholars in Spring 2013
3.79 Avg. GPA of Student Athletes in the Honors College in Spring 2013
1.26 Avg. Evaluation Score that Students Assigned to Honors  College Courses in Spring 2013 using a  1-5 Scale (1.00 represents a perfect score)
70 Honors College Faculty Members who have Completed the University’s Nationally Recognized Master Advisor Training Program
25,280 Est. Number of Community-Service Hours Completed by Honors College Scholarship Recipients during the 2012-2013 Academic Year
$6.3 million    Est. Value of Scholarships Distributed to Honors College Students during the 2012-2013 Academic Year
$0 Charges & Fees Associated with Honors College Membership