June 13, 2007

Bill Cheek, Chair
Carey Adams
Don Aripoli
Greg BurrisTammy JahnkeKen McClureDale MooreJune McHaneyHelen ReidDoug SampsonPaul Langston
West Plains Representative
Michael T. Nietzel
Facilities Planning and Management Advisory Committee
Among a number of important priorities that Missouri State University will confront over the next several years, a major theme will involve the strategic development and effective utilization of our physical facilities.  A number of major tasks will be included: planning, designing, completing capital projects (e.g., renovations, new construction, life-safety improvements); making sure our utilization of existing facilities is well-conceived, and formulating capital campaign goals that address the University’s most pressing facility needs.  These tasks span all the major sectors of the institution and address facilities in academic affairs, residence life, administrative support, and the auxiliary system.
The University has, for a number of years, been guided and well-served by a Facilities Master Plan.  Several of the projects that have been included in the Master Plan either are now under construction or are about to begin.  In order for the institution to plan at a more detailed level those Master Plan projects that are now reaching, or are envisioned to reach, maturation, it is important to have a process in place by which academic and other University priorities can be promoted by a fiscally responsible financial plan, sound facility construction and management principles, and strategic decisions regarding location.  In order to promote that process, I am convening the Facilities Planning and Management Advisory Committee.
This Committee will report to me and is charged with making recommendations in the following areas:
  1. FREUP Coordination:  Recommend how best to design, coordinate, and occupy the various FREUP Phase 1 projects soon to be initiated. The committee should assess facility staffing and operational requirements and recommend and justify final budget requests for each renovation project.  The committee should also develop aggressive, but feasible, project timelines as well as a backfill plan for spaces that are being vacated by the renovated space.
  2. Downtown Planning:  Working in conjunction with the recently formed Arts Advisory Task Force, recommend which downtown properties, serving which academic and academic support areas, should be developed and occupied either on a purchase, lease, or lease/purchase arrangement.
  3. Classroom Utilization and Possible Conversion to Research Space:  Assess the existing classroom utilization data and recommend which, if any, classrooms could be converted to research space or could be renovated or reconfigured to better serve the University’s teaching needs.  Determine the unmet demand for research space and teaching space. Determine the characteristics of the teaching spaces most in demand (size, physical requirements, technologies, location on campus, etc.) by each college.
  4. Prioritization of capital projects for the Comprehensive Campaign: Advise on the most essential and best-opportunity projects to be included as targets for private donations in the upcoming capital campaign, including initial estimates of the costs of the projects and the gift levels for possible naming recognitions.
Charge #1 should be addressed first, given the expected receipt of FREUP funds to be derived from the Lewis and Clark initiative.  I would hope to receive a report addressing Charge #1 by August 28.  I would like the other three charges to be considered in a coordinated fashion and would suggest the following deadlines for the reports addressing them:
  • Downtown Planning – November 15, 2007
  • Classroom Utilization and Research Space – February 1, 2008
  • Capital Projects for Comprehensive Campaign – October 1, 2007
I suggest that the committee form subcommittees to address the various charges, but of course the final decision for how you can best accomplish your work is entirely up to you.
Thank you for your willingness to serve on this very important committee.