Foreign Nationals

Foreign National Employment Policy
This information outlines the university's policy for the different visa categories that will principally be dealt with.

Foreign National Payroll Procedures
This information outlines the payroll process for any foreign national who will be receiving compensation from the university.

Foreign National Employment Certification
Per the Social Security Administration the student must provide evidence of age, identity, immigration status, and work authorization. The student must also provide evidence of having secured a job.  The Job Offer Letter for a Social Security Card Application is to be completed by departments in order to provide such evidence.


B Visitor Certification of Eligibility Form
This form is to be completed by any foreign national who arrived in the United States under a B1, B2, VWB, or VWT visa status and will be receiving an honorarium or travel/incidental expense reimbursement from Missouri State University.

Employment Eligibility I-9 Verification Form
This I-9 Form is an immigration form used for determining identity and work eligibility.  All foreign nationals who plan to work for the university must complete this form.

Foreign National Information Form
All foreign nationals who will be receiving any US compensation from the university must complete this form used for determining the appropriate tax status.

Foreign National Payment Request Form
This form is a modified Payment Request form that needs to be printed on yellow paper to be submitted to Payroll.

International Student Employment Agreement
This form is to be completed by all foreign national students who plan to work on campus through the Student Employment office.  It should accompany all other required documentation for working on campus when meeting with the Payroll Accountant handling foreign national taxation for the first time.

Job Offer Letter for a Social Security card Application
This letter is to be completed by the hiring department of an international student who currently does not have a social security number.

Social Security Application - 12 or Older Questions
This form is to be completed by individuals age 12 or older applying for a Social Security Number for the first time.

SS-5 Social Security Card Application
This form is to be completed by any foreign national student who does not already have a social security number.  This form, along with the On-Campus Employment Certification form should be forwarded to the International Student Services office.

Questions about these documents and forms should be directed to Megan Brockman in Payroll, 417-836-6808.