Effort Reporting

A Semester Effort Report should be completed by each individual (faculty, professional staff or graduate assistant) who has been involved with an externally sponsored program (grants/contracts) and should account for 100% of a person's effort.  Employees paid on an hourly basis are not required to complete the form. Graduate assistants working on a grant/contract should complete a form monthly, while faculty and professional staff should do so on a semester basis.

Effort reports should be filed with the Grants & Contracts office in Financial Services.  Monthly reports are due by the 15th of the following month.  Semester reports will use reporting periods which coincide with pay periods and are due by the dates listed below:

SemesterPeriodDue Date
Fall 8/01 - 12/31 January 15
Spring 1/01 - 4/30 June 15
Summer 5/01 - 7/31 September 15

The following explanations and a Sample Semester Effort Report have been provided to aid in completing this form.

 Actual Time

  • The percent of actual effort worked on all sponsored and university activities should be recorded in whole numbers.
  • The percent of actual effort for all accounts listed (including both sponsored and university activities) MUST be 100%.
  • In cases of extended leave, please refer to University Practices Related to Personal Services.       

100% Effort

  • 100% effort is defined as the effort expended to accomplish the set of activities encompassed by Missouri State University appointments regardless of the actual number of hours expended on those activities.
  • 100% effort is not defined as a single, standard number of hours or days per week, since it will likely be different for each faculty/staff member and may vary during the year.
  • The number of hours implicit in an individual faculty member's 100% must be reasonable and supportable to department, school, university and external reviewers if requested.       

Sponsored and University Activities

  • Sponsored activities should include time spent on all sponsored programs during the reporting period.
  • Instructional activities should include time spent on teaching or preparing for classes.
  • Institutional/Administrative activities should include time spent related to administration, public service or internal research projects.

If you have questions concerning the completion of an effort report, you may contact the Grants Accounting Office in Financial Services.