Housing and Interior Design Minor

Department of Fasion and Interior Design

Designing a plan for you

A minor in housing and interior design complements majors in many other disciplines, from business to the arts. With this challenging and rewarding minor, you will expand your skill set to think strategically and creatively in a variety of settings. Specifically, this 18-hour program provides you with a broad knowledge of color, planning and textiles as well as hotel, restaurant and housing design.

Minor requirements

To complete a minor in housing and interior design, you must complete the following courses:

Interior Design

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science

Complete following 6 courses: HID 140(3), 201(3), 202(3), 208(3), 241(3), 303(3)

Adding a minor

To add a minor, visit the Academic Advisement Center in University Hall 109.

Students work hard towards accomplishing useful minors like ID