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Fashion Merchandising and Management student Michaela Lee discusses the benefits of being part of the College of Business

Designing, a most unique career path

As a Fashion, Interior Design (FID) or Family and Consumer Sciences Education (FCS Education) major, you will be prepared to lead one of the most unique professional careers:

  • Develop creative, analytical, technical and innovative abilities
  • Apply the latest in industry-based technology to clothing and housing design and production
  • Gain a global perspective, with a focus on both design and business
  • Empower individuals and families to manage the challenges of their lives

Get creative in a diverse environment

Through the Missouri State FID and FCS Education programs, you will experience a culturally diverse environment and a department proud to offer programs leading to your success. You will be prepared to excel in a number of situations, and be able to provide creative leadership.

In a supportive, hands-on environment, you will learn about culture, art, theory, and process and product development in a program specially designed for you.

An FID or FCS Education degree from Missouri State University provides you with the tools to be a creative, passionate, diverse and socially responsible professional.

An education in Fashion, Interior Design or Family and Consumer Sciences offers you a wide array of career opportunities. Positions range from K-12 education, commercial-level furniture design, historic preservation, to owning a design firm.

The Department of Fashion and Interior Design is a member of the College of Business.

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