General Business Minor

Interested in business?

It isn’t just for business majors! Whether your major is fashion and interior design, English, construction management, music or anything in-between, this minor will help you to understand how businesses work and equip you to be successful in any business environment. It can also give you the opportunity to participate in a business that complements your major.

General Business

Bachelor of Applied Science
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science
  1. ACC 201(3)*, 211(3)*; BUS 135(3); CSC 101(2)**; CIS 201(3); LAW 231(3)
  2. Complete six additional hours from the following: BUS 550/LAW 550(3); FIN 266(3), 380(3); INS 211(3), LAW 332(1), 335(2), 531(3); MGT 286(3), 320(3), 340(3), 341(3), 486(3); MKT 150(3), 350(3), 355(3); QBA 237(3)

    *ACC 206(4) may substitute for ACC 201 and ACC 211.

    **May be waived by proficiency exam.