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Finance Graduate Certificate

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Program description

The Graduate Certificate in Finance provides a 15 hours graduate-level experience in the area of finance.  The program involves in depth study of finance, including exposure to international issues.  Contact the MBA Director or Program Coordinator for additional information.


Candidates for the certificate program must be admitted to the University as a graduate student. The candidate should have a bachelor’s degree and meet minimum admission criteria for the Master of Business Administration program. All course work must be approved by the MBA Program Director.

Required courses   (15 hrs)

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
FIN 780 Advanced Financial Management 3 hrs

FIN 787 OR

FIN 790

Seminar in Derivatives OR

Seminar in Finance

3 hrs

FIN 682 OR

FIN 686

International Financial Management OR

International Financial Statement Analysis  

3 hrs
Complete two1 additional courses from the following:
FIN 638 Introduction to Estate Planning 3 hrs
FIN 681 Professional Financial Planning 3 hrs
FIN 682 International Financial Management 3 hrs
FIN 686 International Financial Statement Analysis 3 hrs
FIN 689 Management of Financial Institutions 3 hrs
FIN 695 Financial Markets Study Tour 3 hrs
FIN 699 Directed Study for CFA Level I Exam 3 hrs
FIN 785 Investment Management 3 hrs
FIN 787 Seminar in Derivatives 3 hrs
FIN 790 Seminar in Finance 3 hrs

No more than six hours of 600-level coursework may be used toward the Graduate Certificate in Finance.

1 If a student has already completed FIN 582 and FIN 586, the student must take three (3) courses from the "Complete two additional courses..." list (excluding FIN 682 and FIN 686) and satisfy the international requirements for the MBA program with a non-finance course.


GPA requirement

Students must have a 3.00 GPA on all coursework used toward the certificate.  No course with a grade of C- or below can be used for the program.