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Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship



The Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship (DOE CSGF) program provides outstanding benefits and opportunities to students pursuing doctoral degrees in fields of study that use high performance computing to solve complex science and engineering problems.

The program fosters a community of bright, energetic and committed Ph.D. students, alumni, DOE laboratory staff and other scientists who share a common desire to impact the nation while advancing their science.  Fellowship students represent diverse scientific and engineering disciplines but the common thread is their use of mathematical and computing techniques for their research.

Funded by the Department of Energy’s Office of Science and National Nuclear Security Administration, the DOE CSGF trains scientists to meet U.S. workforce needs and helps to create a nationwide interdisciplinary community. 

The specific objectives of the DOE CSGF program are to:

  • Ensure an adequate supply of trained scientists and engineers to carry out the DOE's mission in computational sciences
  • Make national DOE laboratories available for practical work experiences for fellows
  • Strengthen collaborative ties between academia and DOE laboratories
  • Raise the visibility of careers in the computational sciences and encourage talented students to pursue such careers
  • Encourage graduating fellows to accept employment with the Department of Energy

Dollar Value:

  • A yearly stipend of $36,000
  • Full tuition and required fees will be paid during the appointment period (at any accredited U.S. university)
  • A $5,000 academic allowance in the first fellowship year and a $1,000 allowance each renewed year (to be used for the purchase of a computer workstation or for research / professional development expenses)
  • The potential to renew the fellowship for up to four years of total support


The DOE CSGF is open to U.S. citizens or permanent resident aliens who are planning full-time, uninterrupted study toward a Ph.D. at an accredited U.S. university.  Senior undergraduate and first and second year graduate students in engineering and in the physical, computer, mathematical or life sciences are eligible to apply for the program. Fellowship support is limited to four years and must be renewed each year.

During the fellowship period, fellows are required to be enrolled as full-time graduate students at an accredited U.S. college or university and conduct research in areas of interest to the DOE.  The summer should be spent conducting full-time research related to the completion of one's degree program, enrolled in classes or on a practicum assignment.

This equal opportunity program is open to all qualified persons without regard to race, gender, religion, age, physical disability or national origin.

Application Procedures:

The online application is comprised of 16 individual sections including transcript information, GRE scores, PRA forms, references, and program of study, among other information and items. It can be accessed at the Web site listed above.


January 8, 2013

Contact Information:

Fellowships Coordinator:

Scott Handley, Honors College, University Hall 212