Purchasing Your Clicker and Registering on Blackboard


Clickers can be purchased through the Missouri State University Bookstore. Unlike previous clicker systems on campus, there are no additional license fees in order to register clickers in your classes.


In order to take advantage of importing participant lists and exporting grades to Blackboard, students' clickers must be registered through Blackboard. This is a one-time process. Once completed, the clicker will be registered in every course in which a student is enrolled.

BOTH the "TOOLS" option on your Instructor Blackboard and the "Turning Technologies Registration Tool" must be (Check-marked) available in order for the registration tool to be visible to students.

To register your clicker on Blackboard:

1. Login to Blackboard.
2. Select a course.
3. Select Tools on the left hand menu under Instructor Resources.

4. Scroll down to the TurningPoint Registration Tool

Turning Technologies Registration Tool graphic

5. Determine whether you have a "clicker" or are using ResponseWare.

6. To register a "clicker" select the image on the left. For ResponseWare select the image on the right.

Turning Technologies Device Registration graphic

7. Locate your device ID on the back of your clicker.

8. Enter the device ID from the back of your NXT response card and click Register.

Clicker Device ID Registration graphic

9. When your device is registered you will get the confirmation shown below.

Confirmation of Registration graphic

Device IDs are in hexadecimal format and therefore do not contain the letter O, but do contain the number zero (0).

Your clicker has now been associated with your Blackboard account and you are ready to begin using it in class.