Missouri State University

Media & Academic Technology

Academic Media and Technology

The unit strives to provide faculty with instructional technology and media solutions in support of teaching, learning, and research. Our facilities include a dedicated Mediasite Suite for lecture and PowerPoint capture, as well as a multifunctional media production studio. Our production staff includes selected students from the Electronic Arts program (Film, Journalism, and Media), skilled in video production, animation, electronic and graphic design, and audio production.

Educational Instructional Technologies

The unit focuses on the resources needed by faculty and students to use technology in teaching and learning. Working with the Instructional Designers, we explore the hardware and software technologies that enhance curricular activities in and out of the classroom, and we continually explore new opportunities for pedagogical innovation. Our unit offers on-one-one support as well as opportunities for classes and groups to interact with our professional and student staff. We strive to offer a broad range of services for faculty who want to explore digital multimedia and technology enhancements in support of teaching an learning.

The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning provides a dedicated Mediasite recording suite for faculty use. Mediasite, a building block for Blackboard, is used to capture lectures and presentations for both hybrid or blended and online learning and training. Faculty and Instructors teach, train or present as they always do, while Mediasite records everything they say and show and immediately delivers their multimedia presentation online for audiences to watch anytime, anywhere.

Mediasite Player Interface

Mediasite Silverlight Player Configuration graphic

Classic Mediasite Player Specifications

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