Missouri State University

The Digital Professor Academy

The DPA is a community of practice designed to support faculty who are developing and teaching face-to-face, online, or blended courses. The program is designed to assist faculty throughout the development process with the use of effective pedagogy and instructional design. The DPA also prepares faculty with best practice strategies for engaging, instructing, and communicating with students in the learning environment.

Starting in Fall 2014, there have been 2 substantial changes to the DPA that will benefit participating faculty.

  1. In response to many requests from former DPA participants, the DPA now spans two semesters, Fall & Spring. Spreading the DPA process across 2 full semesters reduces the terrible pressure of having to complete all DPA work and course design in 8-12 weeks. Having more time to design your course can improve all aspects of the course, and lead to greater faculty satisfaction with their design, and better faculty preparation to teach the course.
  2. The DPA is now comprised of 2 online courses and a capstone Peer Review. Faculty are required to participate in both online courses and the peer review.
    1. In the first course, faculty participate in online training facilitated by FCTL Instructional Designers, to develop a course design "blueprint". No Blackboard work is done during this phase.
    2. In the second course, faculty implement their course "blueprint" and build their course in Blackboard while working 1-on-1 with an Instructional Designer.

The focus of the first course is to provide a collegial environment in which to equip faculty with the tools and processes for designing an excellent course. The second course is focused on applying learning to building your actual course.

As always, the DPA culminates in the peer-review process. Each participating faculty reviews 2 other courses. Everyone receives feedback on their course from 2 anonymous reviewers.

We anticipate the new DPA structure will provide even more and exciting benefits to participating faculty.

DPA Orientation Meetings begin in September. Interested faculty may register for these meetings through My Learning Connection or contact the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning.

Contact Information: FCTL@MissouriState.edu
(417) 836-3059