Missouri State University

Classroom Technology FAQs

General Classroom Technology FAQ

Q: What is the classroom upgrade process and what is its intent?
A: The classroom upgrade process is a process that has been established to upgrade both infrastructure and technology in the classrooms of Missouri State University.

Q: What, if any, schedule does the process follow?
A: See the Classroom Upgrade Process Timeline. (see note below)

Q: How do I submit a proposal for consideration under the classroom upgrade process?
A: You should review your needs, and as appropriate, discuss your ideas with your Department Head and/or Dean. Then you should contact the Classroom Coordinator, David Caravella. to assist you in the development of your proposal and the completion of your Classroom Upgrade Request Form. NOTE: Classroom upgrade proposals will not be solicited for FY 2012. The IT Council has approved the establishment of a theme for FY 2012 which will begin to address the standardization on non-standard classroom instructional technology installations campus-wide. If you have questions you are encouraged to contact David Caravella .

Q: Is there a deadline for upgrade request submissions?
A: Yes. The deadline is August 31st of each year for consideration in the following Summer’s installation schedule. Note, there is also a requirement that you meet with the Classroom Coordinator at least 30 days prior to the August 31st submission deadline. The Classroom Coordinator will sign off on the submission at that time, indicating that the initial consultation has occurred.

Q: My request is for infrastructure (flooring, paint, furnishings, etc) only. Do I still need to complete a Classroom Upgrade Request Form and meet with the Classroom Coordinator?
A: Yes. The classroom upgrade process covers requests for technology and infrastructure, technology only, and infrastructure only. The Classroom Coordinator works with the units of Facilities Management (Design & Construction Work Management) as well as Telecommunications, Networking and others to facilitate the necessary infrastructure work necessary for completion of your project.

Q: What if my department/college has funding and wants to self-fund the installation of technology in a classroom?
A: Departments/colleges may self-fund installations in classrooms; however, all self-funded classroom installations must be done in consultation with the Classroom Coordinator. Any PRF or Work Order for new installations in a classroom that are submitted to Facilities Management will be rejected until verification can be made that the Classroom Coordinator has been consulted. Technology purchased without first consulting with the Classroom Coordinator will not be supported, in any way, by the Educational Technology Center or its technicians.

Q: What if I still have questions?
A: Please feel free to contact the Classroom Coordinator, David Caravella, at extension 65959 with any questions regarding classroom upgrades.

Student Response System (SRS) FAQ

The University has changed its standard for Student Response Systems (SRS or “clickers”) from eInstruction’s CPS system to Turning Technologies’ NXT system.

Please visit the Missouri State University clicker website at http://www.missouristate.edu/fctl/clickers for more information.