Missouri State University

FCTL Advisory Council

FCTL Advisory Council members support implementation of the Center’s mission and serve as liaisons between the instructional community and the FCTL. A council member is selected from each college and represents the interests and needs of that college when planning FCTL faculty development activities. Additionally, members promote participation in FCTL events by their college faculty and encourage their use of Center resources. Each member serves a two-year term, and terms are staggered across colleges.

In addition to their role in the overall FCTL agenda, Advisory Council members engage in individual projects that are supported by the Center. For example, they may lead a discussion group of faculty from their college that focuses on pedagogical issues specific to their disciplines or a discussion group of multidisciplinary faculty who focus on a single topic related to teaching and learning. Council members also could lead a faculty reading group on a book related to higher education.

2014-2015 Council Members

Julie Masterson, Provost Fellow for Faculty Development, Chair

Nancy Gordon, Assistant Director, FCTL

Beth Hurst, COE

Cherri Jones, LIB

Chuck Hermans, COB

Bob Jones, CHHS

Deborah Larson, COAL

Eric Nelson, CHPA

Gay Ragan, CNAS


Ex-officio Members

Rachelle Darabi, Associate Provost, Student Development & Public Affairs

Chris Craig, Associate Provost, Faculty Affairs

Keri Franklin, Director of Assessment

Stephanie Norander, Provost Fellow for Writing

Steve Willis, Provost Fellow for Diversity

Stephen McIntyre, Faculty Senate Chair

Term of Service

The FCTL Advisory Council is comprised of seven (7) ranked faculty members, each representing their college and named by their respective Deans; two (2) Provost Fellows, named by the Provost; and the Chair of the Faculty Senate. Faculty members serve a two-year term. Ex-officio members include the Director of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning; the Associate Provost for Student Development and Public Affairs; and the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs. The Chair of the Faculty Senate and the two (2) Provost Fellows will be appointed to the committee on a yearly basis.