Enhancing Teaching

The aim of the FCTL is to promote the enhancement of teaching and learning environments across different teaching modalities, improve student learning outcomes by providing guidance and support toward the understanding and implementation of best practices, and provide support in the creation and implementation of assessment plans for programs and classrooms.

Classroom Community: The Ecology for Learning

What do we know about how people learn best? If there was something you could do—a practice to implement in your courses that would have a significant impact on student learning, wouldn’t you be eager to give it a try? Read on!

Strategies For Asking Good Questions

University faculty are expected to motivate students to learn, while being highly engaging in the classroom (virtual or seated). Read on to discover strategies for developing and asking good questions. Read on!

Instructional Community Resources

These resources are designed to provide opportunities for continued professional development for faculty in teaching, research and service. The university also recognizes the need to pursue initiatives to make professional endeavors more exciting, rewarding, and effective. Read on!

Faculty Teaching Awards

The FCTL Advisory Council wants to recognize faculty and part-time faculty contributions in areas that are important to the mission and long-term goals at Missouri State. Learn more about the FCTL Teaching Awards.