Evaluation Rubric for Curriculum Innovation Research Projects

Project Description

  • Problem statement or purpose for the project
  • Clearly defined learning outcomes to be addressed
  • Description of the methodology and instructional practices to be explored
  • Description of student assessment plan
  • Expectation of how students’ learning will be impacted


  • Itemized budget with clear explanation of expected costs


  • Brief evaluation plan that identifies what evidence will be used to determine success of the project

Dissemination of Results

  • Identify others at MSU who might benefit from this project
  • Provide brief description of how results of the project will be shared on campus and beyond campus

Curriculum Innovation Funds
Evaluation Rubric

Clearly states the problem being addresses and identifies the learning outcomes that will be accessed.   2  
Describes methodology that will be used to provide deeper learning experience and increased student engagement.      
Provides clear budget summary outlining how the money will be used (one page budget justification).   1  
Provides a project evaluation plan that describes what evidence will be used to determine the effectiveness of the curriculum change on student learning, learning processes, and learning outcomes (Evidence).   3  
Provides narrative of how this innovation will be sustained in the future.