Missouri State University

Web 2.0 Collaborative Tools

Web 2.0 Resources

Video & Media Hosting Sites
YouTube, Vimeo, Creative Commons, Flickr
Concept Mapping Tools
gliffy, iMindMap, FreeMind, VUE
Foreign Language Resources
Ask.com, Foreign Language News & Newspapers, UsingEnglish.com, Foreignword.com
Screen-capture Software
Snagit, Jing, SnapShot, Screencast, Screenr
Presentation Software
Prezi, Zoho
Concept Mapping Tools
gliffy, iMindMap, FreeMind, VUE
Blogging Tools
WordPress, Blogger
Wiki Tools
BPworks, MediaWiki
Online Academic Services & Tutorials (variety of disciples)
KahnAcademy, Sophia, Best Language Websites, For Students of Language
Math & Graphing Tools
DIY Chart, Google Chart Tools, ChartGizmo, Google Chart Generator, Scilab, Maxima, Matlab, MathType, PASW Statistics
Social Networking Sites
Linkedln, Ning, Second Life, Facebook, Twitter
Timeline Tools
xtimeline, TimeGlider, timetoast, Timelinr
Illustration Tools
Creative Docs, Inkscape
Photo Editing Tools
GIMP, Picasa, Paint.net
Video & Audio Editing Tools
Microsoft Movie Maker – included on most PCs, Apple iMovie –included on most Apple computers,
Avid FreeDV, Audacity
Comic Strip & Story-telling Tools
Comic Life, Historic Tale Construction Kit