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Campus Pack Collaboration Tool

Campus Pack Learning Objects Collaborative Tool:

Missouri State University has a campus license for the Learning Objects, Campus Pack Collaborative Platform. 

Campus Pack is an enterprise-scale social learning platform that integrates social media tools such as wikis, blogs, and podcasts into any e-learning environment. See additional information from the User Guide.

In addition to making Web 2.0 tools available within your courses, Campus Pack gives every user a personal learning space and allows every organization and group to have their own, collaborative online home.

Campus Pack comprises the following social media/Web 2.0 tools.

  1. Wikis, blogs, journals, podcasts, and templates;  
  2. ePortfolio
  3. Personal Development Plan
  4. Social Learning Tools

Video and Document Instructions: 

Create Campus Pack Wiki for Blackboard Groups (opens in a new window)

Using Campus Pack Wiki with Blackboard (PDF document; opens in a new window)

Transform learning into a dynamic experience:
With Campus Pack, learners become contributors, not passive recipients of information. Whether participating in a blog site, collaborating on a wiki assignment, or commenting on a podcast, users are actively engaged.

Create a vibrant online community:
Campus Pack brings together users across your institution, both within courses and beyond. Students, instructors, and staff can participate in collaborative activities, connect with peers, discover others with common interests, and create and share their own collections of multi-media content.

Solve a world of Web 2.0 needs with a single, enterprise-wide solution:
In Campus Pack, the wikis, blogs, podcasts, and other tools share a common user interface, making it easy for users to become proficient in using the full set of tools. The user experience is consistent across all uses of the service, so the interface for publishing a blog for a campus-wide audience is similar to that of contributing to a course wiki or adding content to a personal learning space.

For the instructor and students, Campus Pack easily incorporates social media/Web 2.0 tools (Blogs, Wikis, ePortfolio, Journals) into the online classroom:

  • Save time by selecting assignments and activities from a library of re-usable social media tools
  • Build social media assignment and activity types using wiki, blog, journal, podcast, and templates
  • Improve assessment functionality and transparency through participatory metrics
  • Implement evidence- and problem-based learning
  • Foster peer review

If you are interested in using this tool within your course, please feel free to contact one of the instructional designers or email: InstructionalDesign@MissouriState.edu.