Using Respondus Software

Missouri State University has campus-wide license for Respondus 4.0, Respondus StudyMate Author, and Respondus Lockdown Browser available to faculty.

Respondus 4.0 for Exams:

Respondus 4.0 is used to create and manage exams/quizzes offline for Blackboard either by formatting a Word document with your questions and an answer key or by creating the exam inside of the Respondus 4.0 software. This tool make managing the development and deployment easier for both print and online.

Additionally, Respondus 4.0 has a Retrieval feature to download your Blackboard tests, pools, and surveys to Respondus. You will then be able to edit the questions, add new questions from a test bank, bring in more questions from a Word document, and add media files and equations. Once the exam is updated, simply publish it to Blackboard.

Respondus 4.0: Testing, Assessment, and Survey Tool (opens in a new window)

See Retrieve Assessments using Respondus 4.0 (opens in a new window)

Find more information on Respondus 4.0 for Exams (opens in a new window) on the Experts Wiki.

Video: Move Assessments from other courses

Respondus StudyMate Author:

This tool allows faculty to create learning activities, self-assessments, and games for all content.  The StudyMate Author activity can be inserted into Blackboard for students to access for their respective courses.  Content created using StudyMate are accessible for the web, smartphones and on tablets, like the iPad.

The learning activities found in StudyMate Author are: (open in a new window)

 Tutorial: Quick Start Guide (opens in a new window)

See more information on Respondus StudyMate Author software. (Open in a new window)

Video: Introduction to StudyMate Author

Respondus Lockdown Browser:

The Lockdown Browser locks down the online testing environment (Windows and Mac) preventing students from printing, copying, and accessing other applications during a test.  Other features of the tool are:

  • All other browsers are locked - If students try to access the assessment with anything other than LockDown Browser, they are prompted to use the correct browser and cannot access the exam until they do.
  • Assessments can't be closed early - Students taking online tests will sometimes close the browser before they are finished. If students are required to use Respondus LockDown Browser, they cannot close the assessment until it has been submitted for grading.
  • Links to websites will not be a problem - Links to other websites can be inserted into a test question without the risk of the students breaking out of the locked testing environment. When the link is clicked, a new secure window is opened. This window will not allow navigation away from that page. Even if there are other links or a search feature on the linked page, that functionality will be disabled.
  • Will not prevent security, anti-virus software, and applications such as Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, and Microsoft Silverlight to run in the background.
Tutorial Resources:

Adding Respondus LockDown Browser using the Blackboard Course Tools (PDF document)

Using JAWS with Respondus LockDown Browser (for students; PDF document)

Implementing JAWS with Respondus LockDown Browser (for faculty; PDF document)

Quickstart Guide for Instructors (PDF document)

Quickstart Guides for Students (PDF document)

See more information on Respondus Lockdown Browser (opens in a new window)

Tips: Articles on Respondus Lockdown Browser software (opens in a new window)

Tutorial: Installing Respondus Lockdown Browser (opens in a new window)

Article:  Why would you use Respondus Lockdown Browser? (opens in a new window)

Video Resources:

    “Introduction to Respondus LockDown Browser”
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    “Preparing an exam for use with Respondus LockDown Browser”
    (Blackboard Basic - without Building Block Installed)
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    “Preparing an exam for use with Respondus LockDown Browser”
    (Blackboard Enterprise - with Building Block Installed)
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Other Video:  

Installing Lockdown Browser for Students (for Windows and Mac)