Blackboard 9.1 Course Templates

Blackboard 9.1 course templates have been developed to serve as models for best practices in online courses or for using the Blackboard CMS to support classroom and blended instruction. The purpose of these templates is not to constrict faculty, but rather to provide a clear starting point for their course development and also provide consistent experiences for our students. Each template is set up into learning modules, units, or folders which can be used in a fully online, blended, or web-enhanced course.

Learning modules are a useful way to organize course content and learning activities. A learning module can be organized around a learning plan, a chapter or topic, a week in the semester, or however you decide to structure your course. A modular course design provides an instructional sequence and helps to organize the content for you and your students. It can also simplify course creation and course updates for future semesters.

Each of the templates can be easily customized by adding or deleting content or content areas. Within each template there are ideas for instructor communications, introductory Icebreaker Activities, discussions, and other resources.

Instructions for importing template into Blackboard 9.1 course

Template #1 – Weekly Folders

This template uses a weekly unit format. Weekly folders contain placeholders for Learning Objectives, Learning Guides, Reading Assignments, and timelines.

Download Template #1

Blackboard 9 course template graphic

Template #2 – Course Modules with Lesson Plan

This template utilizes a Course Module format. Modules include a Course Orientation and Introduction and Learning Modules for course content. These modules include placeholders for Learning Objectives, a Student Learning Guide, and Learning Plan.

Download Template #2
Blackboard 9.1 course template 2 image

Template #3 – Learning Modules including Table of Contents

This template utilizes a Learning Module format which provides students quick access to the modules from the course menu and a table of contents when progressing through a module. These modules include placeholders for module descriptions and Student Learning Objectives.

Download Template #3