Missouri State University

Welcome to the FCTL

Our Mission and Promise

Welcome to the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning! 

Our Mission is to serve the entire instructional community, which includes tenured and tenure track faculty, adjuncts, instructors, per course faculty, and teaching assistants. 
Our Promise: Assist faculty and instructors in meeting their instructional goals.

We aim to promote the enhancement of teaching and learning environments across different teaching modalities, improve student learning outcomes by providing guidance and support toward the understanding and implementation of best practices, and provide support in the creation and implementation of assessment plans for programs and classrooms.

The FCTL is a place for the instructional community to come together and share knowledge, learn from one another, and find resources and support to help grow and develop as faculty members.  Our goal is to foster teaching and learning excellence at Missouri State University.  The FCTL supports the instructional community by offering a variety of teaching and learning opportunities such as workshops, seminars, individual consultations, and peer reviews, as well as the many resources available on our website.  These resources cover several areas including, but not limited to: course design, teaching with technology, best practices for teaching and learning, and assessment of learning outcomes.  Our work is empirically driven and inspired by research on teaching and learning.  We work to align teaching theory with the practice of teaching across modalities: large lectures, small seminars, labs, blended, online, and face-to-face.