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Resources on using Adobe Connect and Adobe Presenter:


Experts Documentation Library - Adobe Connect/Presenter

Experts Documentation site

Looking for quick guide documentation on using Adobe Connect or Adobe Presenter? The Abobe Connect/Presenter - Experts Documentation Library provides an up-to-date, searchable library of documentation, how-to videos, and help topics on using Adobe Connect and Adobe Presenter including frequently asked questions.


Adobe Connect software

Using Adobe Connect:

Use Adobe Connect to create a Virtual meeting room for your students (for tutorials, synchronous discussions, and presentations) 


This diagnostic test will ensure your computer and network connections are properly configured to provide you with the best possible Adobe Connect meeting experience. The diagnostic test checks for the following:

  *  Clear connection to Adobe Connect

  *  Bandwidth availability

  *  Latest Adobe Connect Add-in

  *  Click the link to start the test.

Adobe Connect to conduct our discussion exercises in this class. This tool will all you to meet 'virtually' with your discussion partner(s) and record your session for later viewing on Blackboard during the peer review exercise. Click on the link above (see Tutorial: Using Adobe Connect for Online Discussions) to view a video tutorial on how to use Adobe Connect.

With Adobe Connect, you can:

Learn more about Adobe Connect  from Adobe TV with 'Getting Started Tutorials' for the application and new features in Adobe Connect. (opens in a new window)

Call Us! Call the Instructional Designers if you need more information or have interest in utilizing Adobe Connect within your class.


Using Adobe Presenter:

 This is a comprehensive tutorial from preparing to use Adobe Presenter to Publishing your PowerPoint slides. An attachment showing how to download your Presenter file to Blackboard 9.1 Learn is also provided.

Click image below to start tutorial.

Adobe Presenter

Setting your preferences for presenter information and audio recording options. (Audio is provided)

Add, edit and synchronize your audio to your PowerPoint slide within Adobe Presenter. (Audio is provided)

Add, edit video and flash files using Adobe Presenter. (Audio is provided)

Add, edit your quiz or survey to your Adobe Presenter file. (Audio is provided)

Customize the theme of your presentation, plus edit the slide manager before publishing. (Audio is provided)


Instructions on using Adobe Presenter:


Adobe Presenter Example:

An Accounting Course where the faculty uses animation that is synchronized with audio.