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The Instructional Designers in the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning are engaged in researching the various tools and technology we believe should be useful for faculty as they develop their courses whether for face-to-face, blended, or as a fully online learning modality. The ability to create interactive learning activities is surely an area to encourage students to experience a truly reflective and collaborative learning no matter the modality.

There is certainly the need to increase or expand the use of Blackboard away from being just a text tool to one that uses technology to enhance the curriculum and ensure strong transfer of learning. The various tools or technology available for that purpose ensures that the students will become actively engaged with the course content so as to increase content understanding, comprehension, engagement and retention of the course materials. This learning effectiveness will hopefully increase, because of the balanced usage of technology in their learning.

Extending best practices of using technology in teaching extends itself to supporting student-created media that allows the material presented to students to be evolve into created works that support the knowledge. Transfer of learning shows itself effectively when the student can create media (posters, electronic presentations, videos, audio, images, etc) that show their understanding of the course material across the many disciplines. By fostering the creative ability of students in the course (face-to-face, blended, and online), the more engaged and successful are the students.

These resources and the use of digital tools, seek to provide ideas and topics that hopefully will engage all learners in the use of technologies towards building a community of learners, and support the development of interactive media and relevant activities that fits the face-to-face, blended, and online learning modalities.



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