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In this edition of the Parents Association E-Newsletter:

Homecoming 2007

Art and Design Department will be moving downtown

Important Dates and Deadlines for November and December

Student Services Spotlight - The Academic Advisement Center

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Homecoming 2007


Homecoming 2007 has come and gone. This year we enjoyed several events throughout Homecoming week. Student organizations competed in a window painting and sidewalk chalking competition on Sunday, October 21. These organizations showed their artistic abilities by depicting their own versions of the Homecoming theme “Wild with Pride” on a sidewalk square or window. Monday offered a chance for faculty and staff to get involved with an office decorating contest. On Tuesday, we enjoyed Mocktails (cocktails without alcohol) and a talent show, The Third Annual Rockstar:MSU. Wednesday evening we held our own Project Runway. Thursday we were visited by the Jimmy Kimmel Live tour and held a pep rally with the football team, marching band, and a bonfire. A chili cook-off and a pumpkin bust were held on Friday. Saturday crowned the week with the Homecoming Parade, BearFest Village, the Football game, and the awards ceremony. We won the football game against Indiana State: 63-7.

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Art and Design Department will be moving downtown

By next fall, several elements of the Missouri State University art and design department will have a new home – a renovated building located at 305 West Mill Street in downtown Springfield.

Missouri State has signed a binding letter of intent to enter into a 10-year lease agreement with Brick City, L.P., the owner of what is known as Building #4 of the Brick City development complex. The building includes 20,101 square feet on two floors. The university will pay $11.25 per square foot for the lease, which will increase by the Kansas City Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the subsequent years. The university also has committed to spending up to $100,000 for initial renovations to meet specific programmatic requirements.

“One of the university’s goals for several years now has been to consolidate and improve our facilities for the art and design department,” said Dr. Michael T. Nietzel, president of Missouri State. “The department is currently fragmented in six different facilities. We are pleased to have taken this first step toward that goal.”

A committee of university and community representatives reviewed and visited several facilities in downtown Springfield before recommending the Brick City building. The committee was chaired by Wade Thompson, acting head of the art and design department.

“The committee found the character of the building highly conducive to creative arts activity,” said Thompson. “High ceilings and open spaces will allow the department the level of flexibility needed to manage current studio and academic programs, and to develop interdisciplinary connections across various studio arts disciplines.”

Plans call for the following units to move into the renovated facility in time for fall semester 2008:

First Floor – sculpture lab and classroom; the Art and Design Gallery, which will be relocated from its current location at Walnut and Jefferson; and some gallery preparatory space.

Second Floor – three painting labs and classrooms; three drawing labs and classrooms; and faculty offices.

The Missouri State Board of Governors approved the terms of the letter of intent to lease the facility during a closed session Friday (Oct. 26). The letter of intent was signed by Brick City, L.P. representatives Oct. 31, then released today (Nov. 1). The Missouri Open Meetings, Open Records Law, also known as the Sunshine Law, allows public governmental bodies to discuss real estate matters in closed session, but requires that details be made available once the actions have been finalized and signed.

A rendering of the building is available here.

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Important Dates and Deadlines for November and December

You and your student may want to be aware of the following list of dates and deadlines, which include holidays, registration deadlines, and more. For a complete list of Important Dates and Deadlines, please visit http://www.missouristate.edu/registrar/acad_cal.html.

November 12
Grading Options Deadlines for Second Block Classes: Last Date to Drop With Automatic N Grade, Pass/Not-Pass Declaration, and Change to or from Audit
November 15
Final Deferred Payment Plan Installment Due; Failure to Pay Will Result in Cancellation of Spring 2008 Classes
November 20
Thursday Evening (4:00 p.m. or later) Classes Meet; Tuesday Evening Classes Do Not Meet
November 21
Thanksgiving Vacation (No Classes/Offices Open)
November 22 – 25
Thanksgiving Vacation (No Classes/Offices Closed)
November 30
Last Day to Drop or Withdraw from Full Semester or Second Block Classes
December 4
Final Grade Rosters Available on the Faculty/Advisor Resource Center; Must be Submitted by 10:00 a.m. on December 17
December 6
Last Day of Classes
December 7
Study Day (No Classes/Offices Open)
December 8 – 13
Final Exams Period
December 14
Commencement: Hammons Student Center
December 17
Final Grade Rosters must be submitted on the Faculty/Advisor Resource Center by 10:00 a.m.
December 18
Grade Reports Available on the Web My Information System
December 18 – 19
Deans Review Student Grades and Determine Students’ Academic Status
December 20
Transcripts with Fall 2007 Grades Available Beginning Today
December 24 – January 1
Holiday Break (No Classes/Offices Closed)

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Student Services Spotlight - The Academic Advisement Center

by Kathy Davis, Director

 Each student at Missouri State University is assigned to work with an academic advisor who helps the student make well-informed and meaningful educational choices.  Because Missouri State believes that it is important for each student to consult with an advisor in choosing appropriate courses, all students are required to meet with their advisors prior to registration each semester until they have achieved junior status, which is at 60 hours.  Pre-registration for spring 2008 is going on now through November 29, so most students will be meeting with their advisors sometime in the next few weeks. 

 The advisor assignment is made based on a student’s declared major and area of interest.  Students who have not yet chosen a major have advisors in the Academic Advisement Center in University Hall 109.  Students with majors in the College of Business Administration have advisors in the Business Advisement Center in Glass Hall 106 and students in Elementary, Early Childhood and Middle School Education have advisors in the Professional Education Advisement Center in Hill Hall 202.  All other students have advisors assigned in their departments, either faculty members or full-time professional advisors who are specialists in advising students in those areas.  If your student has a question about his or her advisor assignment, encourage the student to look under “Advisement Folder” in “My Information.”  You might want to remind your student to make an advising appointment soon, as many advisors’ calendars are getting booked with pre-registration advising appointments.

 Students need to prepare for advising appointments by:

1)      Calling the advisor’s office to make an advising appointment well in advance of the registration date.

2)      Making a list of questions to ask the advisor or topics to discuss with the advisor.

3)      Making a list of courses the student is interested in considering for spring semester or developing a trial schedule here.

4)      Reviewing academic records such as the “degree audit” available from “My Information.”

 After the advising appointment is completed, students will register at their appointed time at an official registration center (such as the Office of the Registrar in Carrington 320) or by registering on-line from “My Information.”  Students who pre-register will need to pay the $60 required minimum payment on or before December 17 in order to hold their classes.  For other information on dates and deadlines, see the Academic Calendar at http://calendar.missouristate.edu/academic.asp.

 Please encourage your student to see his or her advisor anytime there is an academic question or problem.  For example, a student should see an advisor if he is considering dropping a class, changing a major or minor, or is experiencing academic difficulty.

 The Academic Advisement Center specializes in working with students who are in the process of choosing a major.  If your student is in that situation, here are some guidelines for how you can help the student:

1)      Please be sensitive to the fact that students are often worried about being “undecided” and may need reassurances that it is okay to take a little time to make a good decision about a major.  About one third of all the students who enter Missouri State University are undecided about a major and a good portion of the students who have declared majors when they enter the University will change those majors at least once. 

2)      Students who are in the process of choosing a major will concentrate on fulfilling general education requirements while taking courses to “try out” potential majors.  It is difficult to choose a major without taking a course in that department, so please understand why your student may want to take that type of course.  Some examples are BMS 195—Introduction to Health Professions (1 credit hour), PSY 150—Introduction to the Psychology Major (1 credit hour) and FGB 135—Introduction to Business (3 credit hours.)

3)      While it’s okay for your student to be undecided when beginning college, students should work toward making a firm commitment to a major by early in the sophomore year.  Inspiration rarely strikes regarding a major, so students who are undecided should be encouraged to do significant research and exploration.  Advisors in the Academic Advisement Center are good resources for those conversations.  You may also want to encourage your student to consider enrolling in IDS 120—Approaches to Career Life Planning, a one credit hour course taught by a career counselor.  Individual appointments with career counselors can also be very helpful to students who are in the process of choosing a major and minor.  Students can make appointments for career counseling by calling 836-5636.

 If your student has other questions about academic advising, please encourage him or her to email or call the assigned academic advisor.  General questions or questions about choosing or declaring a major can be addressed to the Academic Advisement Center, 836-5258.  The mission of academic advising at Missouri State University is to assist students as they develop meaningful educational plans to help them achieve their life goals.  We take that mission seriously and we want to help your student succeed at Missouri State University.

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