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Academic Advisement

Quality Academic Advisement

Few aspects of the college experience impact student success more than academic advisement. 

At Missouri State, academic advisement is much more than the process of selecting courses for a future semester; it is a process by which advisors support students in making well-informed decisions regarding their educational and professional activities and goals. 

Advisors challenge students to choose academically rigorous courses and programs of study that help them explore their intellectual curiosities. They also provide students with the individual attention needed to nurture personal growth and encourage students to take full advantage of the university experience by participating in co-curricular activities.

History of Excellence

Our campus' commitment to providing excellent academic advising is an long-standing and integral part of our culture: 

  • Missouri State's intensive Master Advisor training program has received national recognition from the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) as an "exemplary practice" and has been adopted by numerous institutions nationwide. 
  • For over a decade, at least one academic advisor from Missouri State has received a national advising award from NACADA, with several years seeing multiple faculty and staff advisors recognized for their excellence.

Dedicated Advisors

While faculty serve as advisors in most departments and colleges across campus, several areas have dedicated advisement centers staffed by professional advisors. These advisement centers include:

Departments such as Communication Sciences and DisordersFashion and Interior Design, and Nursing also have professional advisors who assist declared students in their departments.

Advising Session

Advisors assist students in setting and achieving academic, personal, and professional goals.