Key Control

                            What's Happening in Key Control?


There are two items of news to share with you on the Key Control front.

First, we have an updated and more user-friendly electronic key/request form. The enhancements
that you will find helpful include:

       1.  M-Number lookup for user or another party. 

       2.  New screens pop-up only the information relevant to your request.

       3.  Multiple keys can be requested on one form.

       4.  Additional space for your comments.

Second, a Key Audit is conducted annually.

The goal is to verify that our Key Control records match actual holdings with each staff member, faculty, and
students. We ask that each department take the following actions:

      1.  Check to see if there is a sheet for each employee in your area that might have keys.

      2.  Compare the list to actual keys held by each employee.

      3.  Report all discrepancies, both additional keys held and keys that have possibly been turned in.

      4.  Return these sheets to Key Control when they are complete.  Failure to return documents will be interpreted to mean

            that our records are accurate as written.

Third, Authorized Signature forms must be updated as any change occurs in a department or work unit and at least annually.  These blank forms may be accessed through the Facilities Management web site at

As always, our goal is to provide the best service we can to take care of your key/lock needs. Please
feel free to provide feedback about how we are doing. And, please let me know if there is anything that
I can do to make the experience better.

Questions and/or comments welcome; Jen Cox 836-8931, Jen Cox

Keys for departing students, faculty, and staff must be turned in to Key Control prior to clearing

             and leaving the campus.  Leaving keys with another person does not relieve you of your financial liability

             for the keys checked out in your name. We strongly recommend returning keys in person.

October 2012