Lock Change Request

This document facilitates communication and authority approval for the purpose of changing locks.

Note only College Deans, Department Heads, Directors, or Vice Presidents are approving authorities for lock changes.

The Lock Change Request Form can be filled out electronically and submitted via email by Requestor following these instructions. 

Note:  You will need Adobe Reader to complete this form electronically.  Download Adobe Reader 

  1. Requestor shall submit a Work Order thru the iServiceDesk initiating a specified lock change.
  2. Requestor then fills out the requested information electronically on the Lock Change Request Form. 
  3. Requestor then clicks the Submit button to initiate an email utilizing Microsoft Outlook and sends the document to the respective Dean, Department Head, Director or Vice President for review and approval.

Note:  By hitting Submit, the document will automatically generate an email notification with the Lock Change Form as an attached document.  Requestor can use the email as record of the submitted form. 

  1. Approver reviews and approves the submitted Lock Change Request form and if approved, digitally signs the document and clicks the Submit button to initiate an email utilizing Microsoft Outlook and sends the document to Work Management.

 Note:  Approver must set up a digital signature for use by Adobe. The Approver will be prompted to save the document electronically before hitting the Submit button.