Utility Locate Policy


To provide guidelines regarding the locating underground utilities. 


1.1A    Requirement

Any digging on any Missouri State University campus requires a trained locator to mark the utilities that may be in that specific location.  Locating must be performed prior to any dig operation.

1.1B     Submit Utility Locate Request

The requester is to fill out the Utility Locate form found on the Design & Construction website. The top of the form contains construction contractor information, but the form is also to be used by other sources seeking locates.  Proper signature authorization is required for the request to be accepted.      

1.1C    Authorized Signatures

Authorized signatories include:

Planning, Design & Construction Grounds            Maintenance Work Management Facil Mgmt Admin Planning
Brad Kielhofner John Clark Patrick Zacha Bill Ackermann Bob Eckels Doug Sampson
Ken Boatright Guy DeVault Ben Boslaugh   Vickie Younger  
Bruce Emeric   Michael Web      
Terry Rowland          
Bill Tierney          
Krista Bassen          
Robroy Viau          
1.1D    Routing

Facilities Management will be the clearinghouse and contact for all requests; therefore all completed requests are to be forwarded to the Central Stores and Maintenance Building for processing (Fax # 6-5288).  Facilities Management/Work Management will create the appropriate work orders for Maintenance, Telecommunications, Grounds and Missouri One-Call  to initiate the requested work.  Requests should be submitted at least seven (7) working days prior to the proposed work.  The request is to include all pertinent drawings that are available to assist with the locate; the Planning, Design & Construction Office is available to assist when necessary.

1.1E     Performance and Billing

Work Management will forward all requests to the appropriate parties.  Contacts for performance of the locates will be made as noted on the request form. Maintenance, Telecommunications and Grounds will work together whenever possible and necessary to help assure the best possible information is noted for all utilities potentially affected by the work.  Facilities Management will reconcile the monthly billings and distribute to the appropriate accounts.               

Approved by: 

Bob Eckels

Director, Facilities Management