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Facilities Management Administration

Brad Kielhofner - Director, Facilities Management

Jen Cox - Associate Director, Facilities Management

  • Business Services
  • Key Control
    • Charles Riggin, Tiffany Melton
  • Work Management
    • Administrative Coordinator: Emily McGee
    • Inventory:  Ruby Pippenger
    • Account Specialist: Janis Smith
      • Personnel/Training
      • Procurement
      • Service Contracts
  • Campus Construction Team:  Mike Orf, Manager

    Foreman: Andy Smith

    Carpenters, Painters, Electricians

Kimberly Dixon - Administrative Assistant II 

Gary Chorn - Assistant Director, Facilities Management, Custodial

  • Building Cleaning
    • Supplies & Equipment Inventory
    • Contract Management
  • Event Setup
  • Waste Management
  • Recycling

Susan Veach - Administrative Assistant II

Foreman:  Linda Totten

Day Supervisor: Frank Ortiz

Set-Up Foreman:  Brian Jones

23 Custodians

Day Supervisor: Eric Lyon

Supply Foreman: Bob Seaman

12 Custodians

Day Supervisor:  Todd Sellers

23 Custodians

Night Supervisor: Denise Ribas

8 Custodians

John Clark - Assistant Director, Facilities Management, Grounds

  • Campus Landscaping
    • Supplies & Equipment Inventory
  • Tree Management
  • Snow Removal

Susan Veach - Administrative Assistant II

Mechanic: Alan Lanpher

Grounds Supervisor: Jason Rhea

Foreman: Jeff Chambers

Arborist: Nancy Underhill, Guy Devault

Horticulturist:  Ross Hyde

12 Groundskeepers

Gary Chorn - Interim Assistant Director, Facilities Management, Maintenance

  • Maintenance of Buildings
  • All aspects of Facilities Maintenance
  • Supplies & Equipment Inventory
  • Energy Management
  • Utility Production &  Distribution
  • Utility Plant Operations & Maintenance
  • Utility Locates

Janet Peters - Administrative Assistant II

Utilities Manager: Ben Boslaugh

JCI BES:  Dave Campbell

Power House Foreman: Don Swift

Utility Locates:  Mike Hammers

Special Projects Technician: vacant

Energy Manager: Pilar Karlen

Boiler Firemen, Steamfitter, Electrician, General Mechanic, Energy Management Technicians

Facilities Manager:  Jerry Brooks

PM/Data Coordinator: Michael Webb


Brian Henry (West Zone)

Michael Polm (East Zone)

Gary Wells (North Zone)

Aaron Quinn (Res Life)

Building Mechanics, Carpenters, Electricians, HVAC Mechanics, Painters, Plumbers