Missouri State University


This recycling policy applies to the academic and administrative buildings at Missouri State University. 

If you have any questions about recycling cardboard, paper, plastic, or aluminum cans, please contact Custodial Services at 836-5265. 

For other items such as batteries, styrofoam, e-waste, or other recyclables, please contact Environmental Management at 836-8334.

For information about the Residence Life recycling policy, please contact Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services at 836-5536.

What Paper Can Be Recycled?

All types and colors of paper may be recycled.


Paper can be placed in the large maroon "paper" collection containers located in the hallways of each academic and administrative building. 

Large quantities of paper can be taken to the recycling dumpster located in Lot 22, just east of the Custodial Offices at 1003 Normal Street. (Arrangements must be made in advance to access the locked dumpster, please call 836-5265.)

Large quantities of paper may be picked up by Custodial Services upon request.


All types of cardboard may be recycled. However, it is requested that severely soiled (grease, etc.) cardboard not be placed in the recycling container.


Cardboard may be placed in the cardboard recycling dumpster. (The cardboard must be flattened before it can be deposited.) The cardboard collection container is located at the north end of the University Stores and Maintenance building.

Large quantities of flattened cardboard may be picked up by Custodial Services upon request. 

Plastic, Glass, and Cardboard  (Drink Containers)

Plastic bottles and aluminum cans may be placed together in the same recycling containers.

These materials may be placed in the collection containers labeled "Aluminum Cans" or "Plastic Bottles" located in the hallways of each academic and administrative building.