Facilities Management

Welcome to Facilities Management

The Facilities Management mission is to provide a quality learning environment through effective facilities planning, service, maintenance, repair, and construction. Here you will find a variety of information related to the services we provide as well as resources and departmental information.

Help Conserve Energy During Aug/Sept

The campus annual electrical demand rates will likely be set for the entire year sometime soon. The combination of students back for the fall semester and the extreme high temperatures will cause the electrical consumption to peak and therefore determine what electrical capacity City Utilities must plan for our campus throughout the entire year. This establishes the minimum we must pay through the next 10 months for the demand portion of the electric bills, regardless of the actual electricity we consume. Please join the campus community to step up and make a difference during the months of August and September by following these energy conserving measures to help set a low demand rate!

Business Services

Business Services provides support for, as well as customer service to, the MSU campus.

Grounds Services

Grounds Services provides a safe, clean, and aesthetically pleasing landscape.