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Entrepreneurship researchers from around the world are being invited to participate in a global research project on international entrepreneurship. The project is being directed by Dr. Elizabeth J. Rozell and Dr. Wesley A. Scroggins at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO, USA. The project is entitled E-WORLD (Entrepreneurship Work in Organizations Requiring Leadership Development). The directors have received a $300,000 nontransferable research grant to fund the project for the first two years. Additional funding is being sought for years three and four. Research collaborators are needed in various countries to facilitate data collection in their respective country to enable cross-cultural analyses on successful entrepreneurship.
  • Benefits of Participating
        Entrepreneurship is a field filled with a plethora of research opportunities.  All collaborators will eventually have the chance to view the research results from all of the participating countries in The E-WORLD Project.  Additionally, all collaborators will have the right to co-author with program directors a paper for publication focusing on results for the host country.
  • Your Global Impact
        The results from The E-WORLD Project will yield knowledge that will lead to real-life applications.  With your help, this study will provide crucial insights into entrepreneurial traits necessary for success in specific countries.  This information can then be used for selection and training purposes, especially for those entrepreneurs desiring to operate in cross-cultural contexts.
  • We Need Research Collaborators Involved in Entrepreneurship Research
        Initially, research collaborators will be asked to provide a literature review and/or focus group results in order for the program directors to develop the questionnaire instrument.  After the questionnaire is complete, collaborators will distribute it via the internet to both entrepreneurs and their employees.
  • Offer Your Global Perspective
         The E-WORLD Project was spawned from a passion for entrepreneurship research and quickly accumulated over 40 collaborators world-wide.  This project is off to a great start but we still have plenty of room for new collaborators.  Both Dr. Rozell and Dr. Scroggins are always available through email and phone and would like to discuss with you the possibility of your participating in this exciting project.

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