Current Status

            The E-WORLD Project is in the initial stages of Phase 1 in the first year. At this time, relationships with research collaborators need to be established in various countries and a research questionnaire developed. Research collaborators are needed to provide information on the nature and state of entrepreneurship in their country for the purpose of questionnaire development. Once a questionnaire has been developed to measure participant perceptions on entrepreneurship, research collaborators will use the questionnaire in their respective country to collect data from both entrepreneurs and employees in small and medium sized entrepreneurial organizations. We anticipate posting the questionnaire online to facilitate data collection where possible. Research collaborators and participants will be given access to the online questionnaire for completion.

At present, we need research collaborators to provide information to help develop the research questionnaire. We ask that collaborators provide the following three items.

  1. A description of the successful entrepreneur in their country culture.
  2. A list of characteristics, traits, and behaviors of successful entrepreneurs in their country culture. We realize there will be overlap on items 1 & 2.
  3. Any other items that should be included on the research questionnaire. These may be specific to their culture or relevant to entrepreneurship in general.

These items can simply be sent to the project directors by email, preferably as an email attachment. Contact information is included below.

We would like to have the research questionnaire completed by the end of the year or early in the Spring 2008. At that time, research collaborators will be responsible for identifying small to medium sized entrepreneurial organizations (250 employees or less) and using the questionnaire to collect data from both entrepreneurs and employees in these organizations. During this entire process, the directors and research collaborators will maintain close contact to make sure that the research proceeds in a smooth and timely fashion. Most communication will take place through the telephone and email. Some travel to the host countries by the directors will also be possible.


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