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The Role of the Your Team in the E-WORLD Project

            The research collaborators will be responsible for data collection in their country. It is preferable that a team of research collaborators be established that will consist of members in different areas of the country. This will enable the various team members to collect data in their respective area of the country. The collaborators will participate in the E-WORLD Project at several different steps throughout the duration of the project.

Step 1

Step 1 will consist of the collaborators collecting initial data on the perceptions of successful entrepreneurs. The data will need to be collected by February 2008. Each research collaborator will preferably collect this data from their respective area f the country. Specifically, the collaborators will need to address the following issues:

1.   A description of the successful entrepreneur in their country culture.

2.   A list of characteristics, traits, and behaviors of successful entrepreneurs in their country culture. We realize there will be overlap on items 1 & 2.

3.   Any other items that should be included on the research questionnaire. These may be specific to their culture or relevant to entrepreneurship in general.

            Several methods will be used to collect this initial data. First, collaborators will need to review the existing entrepreneurship literature. Characteristics, traits and behaviors of successful entrepreneurs can be identified and summarized from this literature.

            Secondly, each collaborator will conduct two focus groups to gather data on the perceptions of successful entrepreneurs. Focus groups will consist of 6 -10 participants and can include both entrepreneurs and employees in entrepreneurial firms. Research collaborators will have the responsibility of contacting entrepreneurial organizations in their area and securing the participation of these organizations. Data from both the literature review and the focus groups will be summarized and emailed to the E-WORLD co-directors.

Step 2

            Step 2 will consist of the research collaborators securing the participation of employees in entrepreneurial organizations in their area for the collection of questionnaire data. A research questionnaire will be developed by the end of March 2008. This instrument will serve as the primary research tool. This questionnaire may need to be translated into the native language by the research collaborators. Following translation, the new version of the questionnaire will be placed online by the E-WORLD co-directors so that participants will have online access to the questionnaire. Research participants can access and complete the questionnaire online and results will be sent directly to the co-directors for analysis. The role of the research collaborators at this stage will be to contact organizations in their respective area of the country and secure the participation of employees in those organizations. This will include discussions with management and employees and possible short informational meetings to inform participants how to access and complete the online questionnaire. These activities should begin by April or May 2008.

Step 3

            Step 3 will consist of publishing research results data with the E-WORLD co-directors. Research collaborators will play a major role in the development of papers for publication. Additionally, in years 3 -4 of the project, training programs or university curriculum for training entrepreneurs in the collaborator’s home country may be developed from the research results.



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