Educator Preparation Provider

Educator Preparation Provider Council (EPPC)

 The Educator Preparation Provider Council (EPPC) is the representative body to the Faculty Senate that governs the professional education curriculum and defines policies and procedures that ensure quality professional education programs at this institution.  A EPPC member who represents the faculty must be a member of the Educator Preparation Provider (EPP).

The primary purpose of the EPPC is to review courses and programs and to define those policies and procedures that ensure professional education programs at Missouri State University meet state and national guidelines for preparing qualified school personnel. The EPPC represents EPP as a governing body. Missouri State University is organized such that professional education programs are offered in each of the six academic colleges. The EPP was established to encompass all professional education certification programs across the various colleges. 


 Responsibilities of the Educator Preparation Provider Council (EPPC)

  • Develops policy and makes recommendations concerning professional education programs.
  • Conducts on-going reviews of all professional education programs and participates in the preparation of accreditation reports.
  • Monitors changing regulations and accreditation standards and makes recommendations for program revisions to accommodate new requirements.
  • Reviews, to approves or rejects, proposals for substantive changes to professional education programs and courses as described in Article VI of these bylaws.
  • Promotes collaboration among and provides professional development opportunities for members of the EPP and between EPP and the public schools to enhance the quality of professional education.
  • Ensures curricular coherence in professional education.
  • Develops quality control procedures for professional education programs.
  • Reviews student appeals concerning exceptions or waivers to any Teacher Education Program policy or requirement and makes recommendations.
  • Reviews and makes recommendations to the Head of the EPP to ensure that unit policies and practices are consistent with national, regional, state, and university standards and requirements.


Contact Information:

2014-2015 Educator Preparation Provider Council Committee Chair

Diana Piccolo, Childhood Education and Family Studies
Hill Hall 412
Office Phone: 417-836-3213


Cindy Caddy, Administrative Specialist III
Educator Preparation Provider
Hill Hall 203
Office Phone: 417-836-6204
Fax: 417-836-5008

E-mail: pec@missouristate.edu
EPP website: http://www.missouristate.edu/epp/