Educator Preparation Provider Membership

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Definition of Educator Preparation Provider Members at Missouri State

The Educator Preparation Provider (EPP) at Missouri State University is made up of all faculty members throughout the University who teach, advise or supervise students at both the initial and advanced levels of professional education.  The Educator Preparation Provider also includes academic administrators and professional staff who provide services for professional education programs and their students.  

According to the Constitution and Bylaws of the Faculty (revised May 2010),
Faculty/staff who ...
   -teach one or more EPP courses (see current list of EPP courses),
   -advise professional education students, 
   -supervise professional education student activities (e.g. field experiences), or
   -administer professional education departments/schools or colleges must be members of the EPP.

The Educator Preparation Provider Council  (EPPC) is the representative body to the Faculty Senate that defines professional education policies and procedures that ensure quality professional education programs at this institution. A EPP member who represents the faculty must be a member of the EPP.

Applying for Membership in EPP

The state expects professional education personnel (defined above as belonging
to the Educator Preparation Provider) to be knowledgeable about current issues
relevant to schools. So they require (Missouri Statute 168.400.3, RSMO) professional
education personnel to have "periodic, direct personal involvement
in the public schools." Therefore, to become a member of the Educator Preparation
Provider (EPP), professional education faculty, staff and administrators
need to complete and submit an application.   

When the application has been received by the EPP office, the EPP Membership and Professional Development Committee will review the file and either ask for additional information or make its recommendation for a vote at the next available EPPC meeting. 

EPP Member Scholarship

If you need further information, please contact the EPP Office:

417-836-6204 - office
417-836-5008 - fax
E-mail: ccaddy@missouristate.edu
Hill Hall 203