Exiting Professors & Grad Students Waste

Op2.07-4 Exiting Professors and Grad Students Waste

As part of exit interview/property clearance procedures for professors and graduate students who have generated or accumulated hazardous materials and/or hazardous waste and who will be departing the University, departments will solicit the assistance of these individuals to identify those wastes for proper handling and disposal.

During the process, it is especially important to identify or categorize materials that are stored in other than their original containers.  Departments must take the initiative to obtain the  required information on residual hazardous materials and/or hazardous waste from the responsible parties in advance of their departure to preclude the department from subsequently being assessed the servicing vendor's fee for waste characterization and disposal.

All containers that are properly characterized and labeled will be removed by the Environmental Management Department at no cost to the department generating the waste.  Environmental Management is available to assist in characterizing and sorting the waste when provided advance notice from the responsible department.