Appendix D: Prepare Training Program

Respect, Service, and Safety at Work®

Overview of Program Content

This program is designed to assist organizations in meeting their violence prevention and intervention objectives. The strategies in this course are designed to help reduce frequency and severity of crisis situations. The program consists of a Foundation Course along with Issue-Specific Elective Modules that cover organizational issues such as conflict resolution, setting limits, and creating workplace civility. Participants acquire the skills to effectively respond to anxious, irrational, angry, hostile, or potentially dangerous behavior, and minimize the negative impact of challenging encounters. Participants will:

  • Learn how crisis situations evolve and develop.
  • Examine the issues that impact Respect, Service, and Safety at Work®.
  • Explore the nonverbal and verbal elements of communication that can impact a crisis situation.
  • Practice de-escalation strategies.
  • Learn how to set limits with individuals who are verbally aggressive and noncompliant.
  • Understand the reciprocal relationship between one's own behavior and the behavior of others.
  • Develop coping mechanisms that can help maintain professionalism during confrontations.
  • Explore ways to learn from crisis situations and improve future interventions.


Coordinate an Instructor Certification Program for 5 -6 instructors who will then be available to provide the training on an ongoing basis for the First Responder Teams as well as individuals or departments who are interested in the training. Trainers would include personnel from Human Resources, Safety, Center for Dispute and Resolution, and the Management Development Institute. The costs for providing either the foundation course or individual modules for the University system would be the workbooks and administrative support for conducting the training. These programs would be offered on a continuous basis as part of our basic course offerings for faculty and staff. Instructor Certification would be scheduled Fall 07 with courses being available starting Spring 08.


The cost for initial certification of internal instructors would be $14,000 with individual classes for up to 30 people ranging in costs from $600 - $1300 per session. Cost for the instructor certification may be reduced by opening up the Certification Training to other educational institutions or government agencies in Southwest Missouri for attendance.