Appendix C: Door Access Proposal


Replace the existing BearPass Card door access systems with the Honeywell door access system and place management of door access under the Department of Safety and Transportation.


  • The current BearPass Card system will need to be upgraded to an IP-based system within the next two to three years. The upgraded system will require a data port for control units on each door. It will be expensive to retrofit the existing system; therefore it makes sense to look at replacing the system with one that is more secure, has increased functionality, and is considerably less expensive.
  • The cost of the equipment per door on the BearPass Card system is approximately $2,000, which includes the mechanical unit, door reader, and control unit. Cost of the equipment per door on the Honeywell System is $1,600 for the first two doors in a building, then each subsequent door is $830, a savings of almost 60%, which also includes the mechanical unit, door reader, and control unit. On the BearPass Card system, a control unit is necessary for each door reader, which takes wall space and requires a dedicated AC electrical outlet for each control unit. On the Honeywell system, only one control unit is required per building which can support up to 64 doors, resulting in a significant reduction in physical space and electrical requirements. Either system will incur additional charges from Facilities Maintenance and Telecommunication Services for installation; however they will be significantly less with the Honeywell system because fewer electrical outlets and control units will have to be installed.
  • The BearPass Card system does not meet DOD security requirements, whereas the Honeywell system does. This will likely be a future requirement for certain facilities on the Missouri State University campus.
  • The Honeywell system runs on a SQL server that supports partitioned databases so authorized personnel can only access database information within their area of responsibility.
  • The current process to request new door installations is difficult and cumbersome.
  • Support from Blackboard for the existing BearPass Card system is almost non-existent, whereas Honeywell will provide training and certification for management and installation. Also there will be local support via a Software Support Agreement (SSA).

Additional Information

New readers are proximity readers, not badge swipe readers; however current BearPass Cards can be used by placing an "intelligent proximity sticker" on the back of the card.

  • At some point, approximately 54 existing door access and gate readers will need to be replaced except for the mechanical mechanism. A control box with an appropriate number of cards will need to be installed in each of the buildings affected. Old control boxes, badge swipe readers, and AC electric will need to be removed.
  • Estimated additional costs for proximity stickers will cost $4.00-$5.00 per card.